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How to Hook and Extract Visual Novel Text

(Copied by Stryker Zero –Before Creation Comes Destruction--) By: /u/RaveX  

I'm writing this guide cause many people are unaware or just can't successfully hook and extract VN text which is needed for further translation. In this guide I'm gonna go step-by-step to help you hook, extract and then translate VN's text, for your full enjoyment.
UPDATE 17-05-2014: It's been over a year since I've updated this guide. Basic stuff still stays the same and everything I posted is still enough for you to enjoy playing untranslated VNs. But I've started using Visual Novel Reader which saw a lot of progress from the community behind it. Visual Novel Reader is a powerful tool which can help you enchance your VN experience and I think any VN reader should check it out. So without further ado I'll post a basic set up guide for VNR.
Thanks kind stranger for the gold :)

Visual Novel Reader way
  1. Download Visual Novel Reader
  2. Extract it to any directory and run update.exe
  3. You can now run VNR.
  4. First run preferences
  5. Open Downloads -> Disctionaries tab and click install on one of the MeCab Dictionaries and Dictionaries for looking up Japanese phrases. IMAGE
  6. Now let's open Translation Tab and set up which translation mechanics you want to use. IMAGE
  7. We can now add a game to VNR, you can either drag and drop it or run it first and click "sync with running game". IMAGE
  8. When the game is running you should see a new box appearing on the left side of the window. IMAGE.
    There you can set up which kind of translation you want to see (game text, machine translation, user made subtitles etc.)
  9. If you enabled parsing Japanese into furigana you can also hover over a word to check its meaning Like this.
  10. VNR has more functions which would take me a while to cover but this basic guide will help you get it working. VNR downloads new Hcodes (if the game needs one) from database, so usually you don't need to write them when you start the game.
  11. That's all for this guide. If you guys want me to cover sth more let me know.
Translation Aggregator way (the old way)
Things needed
Things recommended: (Or Download whole package <- TA,TAH,ITH,Jparser,replacement scripts,devOSD,noregionloader in one file)
  • ITH - Our main hook program.
  • Translation Aggregator - Our translation output program (contains AGTH but we'll use it with ITH)
  • TA Helper - Clipboard revise program. (Replacement script - Better translations)
  • Jparser - download and extract edict2 into "dictionaries" folder of TA.
  • Applocale - small program that changes program locale, may come in handy.
  • SpolierAl - Cheat Engine for VN games, lots of SSG inside (sorry it's in Japanese:P)
  • NoRegionLoader - some games are Japan only and you won't be able to run them, this little program bypasses that check.
  • AGTH code database - Hook code database (more on it later on).
  • devOSD - Transparent overlay for games.
  1. Install ATLASv14 and apply update pack. Apply provided patch.
  2. Extract TA, TA Helper, ITH to the same directory.
  3. Extract replacement script for TA helper to the same directory (overwrite if needed).
  4. Extract my complete package.
  5. Install Applocale (optional)
  6. Change your Unicode environment to Japanese (optional).
    Usage guide:
  7. Run TA, TA Helper and ITH.
  8. Make sure your TA Helper screen looks like this (turn your attention to the circled things).
  9. Now run the game you want (if you can't run the game then run it through Applocale, or change your Unicode environment to Japanese).
  10. Go to ITH
  11. Choose process tab. Then choose the game exe on the left and click attach.
  12. ITH will inform you on hooking up to the game.
  13. Go to the game and when text appears; ITH will find that text address.
  14. You must then choose the proper text hook (the one that matches your screen content) by clicking on that bar above the console (at start is says: 0000:0000.......:ConsoleOutput <-click this).
  15. Now when going through the game ITH will send the text to TA Helper and then the output will appear on TA screen.
  16. (optional) You can use devOSD to make a transparent overlay on your game.
Using custom hook codes with ITH:
  1. Paste the hook code into the blank space near the process list (upper circle) and press ENTER.
  2. If hook was successful you'll see confirmation in the log (lower circle).